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Career Fair 2024
Career Fair 2024
Event Summary

What Happened?

The Career Exploration Fair in Marshall, Upper East Texas, successfully gathered over 750 students, 50 local companies, and 7 colleges last year. This event was not just another job fair; it served as a comprehensive platform for attendees to discover the vast array of career opportunities in the region, understand the skills required for various professions, and connect with businesses and educators dedicated to skills development.
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Why did we do it?
The fair was organized to bridge the gap between the local job market, students, and educational institutions. It aimed to raise awareness about the types of jobs available, what these jobs entail, and the necessary qualifications. Unlike traditional job fairs, this event focused on future career exploration and workforce development, ensuring that students and parents understand the potential career paths and the steps needed to pursue them. By facilitating these connections, the fair helps prepare the future workforce for the local economy's needs.


Who showed up?
  • Students: Gained insights into various careers, understood the educational requirements, and interacted with potential future employers.
  • Parents: Learned about local job opportunities for their children and the skills needed to secure them.
  • Businesses: Enhanced their company awareness, connected with potential future employees, and communicated their skill requirements to educators.
  • Educators: Networked with local businesses to create opportunities for their students, such as internships, externships, and skill development programs.
The Career Exploration Fair is a critical event for aligning the interests and needs of students, parents, businesses, and educators, fostering a collaborative environment for workforce development in Marshall and Upper East Texas.
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