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Career Fair 2024
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Career Fair
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February 28, 2024
9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Marshall Convention Center
2501 E End Blvd S, Marshall, TX
Career Fair

Students, parents, businesses, and educators!

This is not your typical job fair! This is a career exploration fair, a place to discover the great careers and opportunities that exist in Marshall and throughout Upper East Texas.

This is one of the best opportunities to connect the dots about what jobs are available locally, what skills are needed to do them, what students are interested in, and what educators are doing for skills development. Last year over 400 kids, 50 local companies, and 5 colleges were represented at this fair. Come learn what students need to do to find a great job and connect with the skills training and companies that provide them.

8:00 a.m.
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Speaker: The State of the Economy in the Marshall Area
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Speaker: Leading the Way with Your Business
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What is the difference between a Career Fair and a Job Fair?

A CAREER EXPLORATION FAIR IS NOT A JOB FAIR. A job fair promotes existing jobs that are open. This is what most people and business are used to. A company has a job open and then they try to connect with someone who has the skills to do that job.

A career exploration fair, on the other hand, provides awareness of what types of jobs exist in the area and what those positions do.

For example, a job fair might include companies with open positions that are hiring for a teacher and list out the credentials needed to vet candidates. A career exploration fair would include those same companies, but they exhibit what the job does and explain the credentials at the fair. In this case, they would explain to attendees, what a teacher does on a regular basis, how they do it, what the job pays, and how much education it requires. A career exploration fair is about company awareness and future employee development. The more interactive companies can make it, the better the awareness will be. The better the awareness, the more likely it will be they can find people with skills down the road.

What should students bring to a career exploration fair?

Anytime a student comes to a career exploration fair, they need to bring an open mind. What they think they know about certain companies and jobs may not be reality. Not all manufacturing jobs are floor production jobs, dirty, hot, or low wage. Not all jobs in health care require medical training. There are local jobs in our region that pay six figures over time and not all of those require a 4-year bachelor’s degree. There are also many jobs locally that do require advanced education beyond high school. Some pay more than others and some require specific credentials.

Students should be prepared to talk about themselves and what they think they like and don’t like to do. They can bring a resume if they are looking for work after high school or internship opportunities. It’s good practice to bring a current resume. The key for students will be to come prepared to ask questions of the vendors, learn, take notes, and make new connections. There will be many vendors so students should check back on this website for a list of participants to maximize their time.

What students and their parents can expect:
  1. Learn where the local jobs are that can provide a meaningful wage
  2. Learn what it takes to get a job at a certain company
  3. Find out how much different jobs pay and how much education is required
What vendor businesses can expect:
  1. An opportunity to build your company awareness and brand as a place for future employment
  2. The opportunity to share with educators what skills you need now and in the future
  3. The chance to connect with kids and educators about internships and future employment opportunities
What educators can expect:
  1. Connection with businesses to find opportunities for your students and future programs
  2. A wide range of businesses that hire in our region within a 45-minute drive
  3. Opportunities for internships, externships, and shadow days with real companies that need skilled employees
What all attendees can expect:
  1. Learn where your workforce development resources are
  2. Learn about programs available to help with training costs
  3. Learn more about engaging with local economic development and workforce development
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